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Romance, Drama, Suspense
10 chapters • 2 new every Thurs & Fri

The innocent Jin Ling unfortunately becomes the 'prey' for a 'Love Game' created by rich boys at school. Will she endure or take revenge? ✂️

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BL, Romance, School Life
10 chapters • Updated every Fri & Sat

An ordinary encounter between two high school students ends up changing their lives greatly as they grow closer despite their apparent differences

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Idol, Romance, Comedy
10 chapters • 2 new every Fri & Sat

The famous idol has it all…until everybody know that he a complete idiot! His life changed when he finally meet a complete bookworm 🤓

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Romance, School Life
10 chapters • Updated every Mon, Wed & Fri

The cool schoolboy Yamada has always been in love…with his forever childhood friend, Seno 💜

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Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life
10 chapters • Updated every Sat & Sun

That summer when a popular manhua artist and a dazzling male idol start falling into each other! 💌

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7 chapters • Completed

Overachiever Nijou forms an unexpected connection with Toomi, a classmate who’s stopped coming to school. What will Nijou do when he discovers the reason behind Toomi’s frequent absence?

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